The functions of VFD - variable frequency energy saving

The energy saving of frequency converter is mainly shown in the application of fan and pump. In order to ensure the reliability of production, various production machinery in the design of power drive are left with a certain amount of surplus. When the motor cannot run at full load, in addition to meeting the requirement of power drive, the redundant torque increases the consumption of active power, resulting in the waste of electric energy. The traditional speed regulation method for equipment such as fans and pumps is to adjust the air supply and water supply by adjusting the baffle and valve opening at the inlet or outlet. The input power is high, and a large amount of energy is consumed in the intercepting process of baffle and valve. When using frequency conversion for speed regulation, if the flow requirement is reduced, the speed of the pump or fan can be reduced to meet the requirement.

The motor uses a frequency converter to speed things up and reduce the starting current. To generate variable voltage and frequency, the device first converts the alternating current of the power supply into a direct current (DC), and a process called rectification. The scientific term for a device that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) is inverter. General inverter is a dc power supply inverter to a certain frequency and a certain voltage. For inverters with frequency adjustable and voltage adjustable, we call them frequency converters. The output waveform of frequency converter is analog sine wave, which mainly used in three-phase asynchronous motor speed regulation and is also known as frequency conversion governor. The variable frequency inverter which is mainly used in the testing equipment of instruments requires higher waveform, and the waveform should be sorted out, and the standard sine wave can be output, which is called variable frequency power supply. In general, inverter power supply is 15 to 20 times the price of inverter. "Inverter" is the main device that produces variable voltage or frequency in the frequency converter equipment. Therefore, the product itself is named "inverter".