Some matters needing attention of hydraulic system

A mechanical common sense should be known that energy can convert each other. Applying this knowledge to the hydraulic system to explain the power loss of hydraulic system is better. On the one hand, it will cause the energy loss of hydraulic power system to lower the overall efficiency of the system. On the other hand, this part of the loss of energy will be transformed into heat energy, making the hydraulic oil temperature increase, leading to malfunction of hydraulic equipment. Therefore, in the design of hydraulic system, under the premise of meeting the use requirements, we should also consider fully reducing the power loss of the system.

First, from the perspective of power source -- pump considering the variety of operating conditions of actuator, sometimes the system needs large flow and low pressure. Sometimes you need low flow and high pressure. Therefore, the pressure limiting variable pump is appropriate, because the flow rate of this type of pump varies with the system pressure. When the system pressure is reduced, the flow rate is relatively large, which can meet the fast travel of the actuator. When the system pressure increases, the flow decreases, which can meet the actuator's working stroke. This not only meets the work requirements of the actuator, but also makes the power consumption reasonable.

Secondly, there is inevitable pressure loss and flow loss when hydraulic oil flow passes through various hydraulic valves. The energy loss of this part occupies a large proportion in the total energy loss. Therefore, reasonably choosing of hydraulic pressure. Adjusting valve pressure is also an important aspect of reducing power loss. The flow valve is selected according to the range of flow regulation in the system and its minimum stable flow can meet the requirements of use. The pressure of the pressure valve should be as low as possible when it meets the normal operation of the hydraulic equipment.