The method to adjust the radial clearance of full cylindrical roller bearings

1. For the side gaps of cylindrical and elliptical bearing tiles, manual grinding or scraping method can be adopted to adjust the side gaps after cutting the surface in the bearing.

2. For the top clearance of the cylindrical and oval bearing shell, manual grinding and scraping can be adopted or the method of adding pad to the face of the bearing which can be adjusted when circumstances permit.

3. For fixed bearing bushing with multi-oil wedge, it is not allowed to scrape and adjust the gap of bearing bushing in principle.

4. For the multi-oil wedge tiltable bearing shell, no scraping tile is allowed. If the clearance is not appropriate, please replace the tile. For tiles with adjustable thickness, the tile can be adjusted by adding stainless steel pad under the adjustment block behind the tile or by reducing the thickness of the adjustment block. For the multi-oil wedge tiltable bearing shell, the thickness error between the tiles of the same group should be less than 0.01mm.