Radial clearance of cylindrical roller bearings

The cylindrical roller bearings are selected quickly, easily and automatically. The combined radial load on the fixed load is exposed to from the local ring raceway fixing ring and transmitted to the corresponding shaft or bearing local. The characteristic of this load is that the radial load vector is a relatively static synthesis and ring. Load - bearing ring can be used relatively loose.

The rotating load is a full cylindrical roller bearing ring acting on the combined radial load on the roller rotating in the circular direction. In special cases, where the rotating load ring is closely coupled, it is light or heavy at low speeds, with only occasional rings. The bearing is made of hard material and surface roughness is high, and the rotating load bearing ring can also be used to be looser.

Third oscillation load or no load direction of synthetic direction uncertain load ring radial load characteristic is the synthetic ring radial load vector circle, in a certain region within the impact load, the vibration of the load. Its direction is swinging to bear a certain area, or acting on the bearing load. The load value change constantly. Bearing swing, outer ring and ring, bearing, hole should be used closely.