Bevel gear milling machine

With extended spiral bevel gear milling cutter disk, or double cutter body combined end face milling cutter disk, a machine tool is used for continuous dividing gear cutting by spreading method. When cutting teeth, table milling cutter disk and the workpiece are continuously rotating motion, while table feeding motion processes a workpiece table reciprocate once. The continuous rotation of the milling cutter disc and the workpiece enables the workpiece to obtain the continuous graduation of a certain number of teeth and form the profile of tooth length. The rotation of the table and the additional motion of the workpiece combine to produce the spreading motion and obtain the profile curve of the workpiece.

A bevel hob uses milling teeth with quasi-involute bevel gear. A machine tool for continuous dividing of teeth uses generating methods. When cutting teeth, taper hob is first cut at the large end, and then cut at the end of its smaller diameter. In order to ensure consistent cutting speed in the whole process of cutting, the machine tool controls the hob speed with the stepless speed changing device. When cutting teeth, the table, hob and workpiece all make continuous rotation motion, machining one workpiece and the table reciprocates once. The rotary motion of the table and workpiece is generated by the differential mechanism.

The supporting equipment of the bevel gear machine tool includes the cutter grinder for grinding milling cutter disk and broach disc blade, the gear grinder for grinding twin bevel gears, the rolling inspection machine for testing the meshing contact of double bevel gears and the quenching press for preventing the heat treatment deformation of tooth parts.