Wheel gear milling machine

Using two interlaced milling cutter disk, and milling the left and right sides of the same tooth groove according to the spread method. The production efficiency is higher, which is suitable for batch production. Due to the relative motion between the milling cutter disk and the non-tooth length direction of the workpiece, the bottom of the milling groove is circular, and the machining modulus and tooth width are limited. This kind of machine tool can also be equipped with automatic feeding device to realize single machine automation.

Straight bevel gear puller is a machine tool which can cut a tooth groove from solid wheel blank by forming method during one rotation of a large diameter puller. It is the most productive machine tool in bevel gear cutting machine, because the cutting tool is complex, the price is expensive, and each workpiece needs the special cutter disk. It  only applies to the mass production. Machine tools generally have automatic loading and unloading device.

The arc tooth bevel gear mill tooth machine takes the arc tooth bevel gear milling cutter disk, pressing the spread method rough, the precision processing arc tooth bevel gear and the hypoid gear machine tool. It has the fine cutting machine, the rough cutting machine and the draw tooth machine and other transformations.

Arc-tooth bevel gear grinding machine is a machine tool for grinding hardened arc-tooth bevel gear to improve accuracy and smoothness. Its structure is similar to that of arc-tooth bevel gear milling machine.