Matters needing attention of VAV linear slider

The linear guide is a precision part, so it is required to be rather cautious in use. Even if the linear guide with high performance is used, if it is not used properly, it cannot achieve the expected performance effect, and it is easy to damage the linear guide.

Preventing corrosion

When taking the linear guide rail with the hand directly, the sweat from the hand should be fully washed and applied with high quality mineral oil before the operation, especially in the rainy season and summer.

Keeping the environment clean

Keeping the linear guide and its surroundings clean even tiny dust invisible to the naked eye entering the guide will increase wear, vibration and noise.

Installing carefully

The linear guide should be careful when it is used and installed. It is not allowed to press hard. It is not allowed to hit the guide directly with hammer.

Installing the tools properly

Using proper and accurate installation tools and using special tools to avoid cloth and short fibers.