Installation instructions of VAV linear slider

Of course, in order to ensure the precision of the machine tool, a small number of bed or column scraping is essential. In most cases, the installation is relatively simple. The guide rail is made of hardened steel and ground on the mounting plane. Compared with the planar guide, the geometric shape of the cross section of the linear guide is more complicated than that of the planar guide. The reason for the complexity is that grooves need to be processed on the guide to facilitate the movement of sliding components, and the shape and quantity of grooves depend on the function to be completed by the machine. For example, a guide system that bears both the linear force and the overturning moment is compared to a guide that bears only the linear force. There's a big difference in design.

The basic function of the fixed element (guide rail) of the linear guide system is like the bearing ring. The bracket of the steel ball is installed, and the shape is "v". The bracket wraps around the top and two sides of the guide rail. To support the working parts of a machine tool, a set of linear guides has at least four supports. Using to support large working parts, the number of supports can be more than four.