The working principle and basic components of VAV linear slider

VAV linear slider can be understood as it is a kind of roll guide, which is by steel ball to be in slippery block and guide orbit infinite roll circulation, making load platform moves along the guide rail easily high-accuracy linear, reducing friction coefficient to common traditional slip guide 1/50which can achieve very high position accuracy easily. The final monadic design between slide block and guide rail enables the linear guide rail to bear loads in all directions at the same time, and the patented reflux system and the simplified structure design make the linear guide of HIWIN have smoother and lower noise movement.

Slider converts motion from a curve to a straight line. The new guide system enables the machine tool to obtain the fast feed speed. Under the same spindle speed, the fast feed is the characteristic of the linear guide. A linear guide has two basic elements just like a plane guide. One as a guide is a fixed component and the other is a moving component. As the linear guide is a standard part, for machine tool manufacturers, the only thing to do is to process a plane of mounting the guide and the alignment of the guide.