The sprocket teeth and pitch of the chain

In order to improve the motion stability of chain drive and reduce the dynamic load, the number of small sprocket teeth is better. But the number of small sprocket teeth should not be too much, otherwise =i will be very large, so that the chain transmission occurs early jump tooth failure.

After the chain has been working for some time, wear makes the pin shaft, sleeve and roller thin. Under the action of tensile load F, the pitch of the chain is elongated. After the chain pitch becomes longer, the chain moves to the top of the teeth in the circle d around the sprocket.

The normal number of links is an even number to avoid the use of transition joints. In order to make wear uniform and increase life, the number of sprocket teeth and the number of link should be the best.

The larger the chain's pitch, the higher the theoretical carrying capacity. However, as mentioned in the above section, the larger the pitch, the larger the dynamic load caused by the change of chain speed and the impact caused by the impact of link biting sprocket, the lower the chain's carrying capacity and life. Therefore, as far as possible, we should choose the chain with bar spacing in the design. The actual effect of selecting bar length multi-chain chain in heavy load is often better than that of selecting single-chain with large pitch.