The selection of coupling

The hydraulic pump transmission shaft cannot bear the radial force and the axial force, so it is not allowed to install the belt wheel, gear and sprocket directly at the shaft end. The coupling is usually used to connect the drive shaft and the pump drive shaft. If the pump and the coupling are out of alignment due to manufacturing reasons and there is deviation during assembly, the coupling will deform with the increase of centrifugal force as the pump speed increases, and the large deformation increases the centrifugal force. The result of the vicious circle is to produce vibration noise which affects the service life of the pump. In addition, there are some influencing factors, such as loose coupling pin not fastening in time, wear of rubber ring not replaced in time.

The assembly requirements of coupling

The coaxiality error of the two shafts of the rigid coupling is no more than 0.05mm.

The coaxiality error of the two shafts of the elastic coupling is no more than 0.1mm.  

Two axis Angle error is no more than 1 °.

The drive shaft should be kept 5 ~ 10mm away from the pump end.