Three development trend forecast of gear motor manufacturing industry

Gear motor industry developed in China after more than 40 years. Deceleration motor manufacturing industry began to develop in the direction of standardization, scale and automation. According to foresight industry institute released the deceleration motor manufacturing industry in China in 2014-2018 market demand and investment planning analysis reportthe rapid development of new energy drives the rapid growth of gear motor industry. The gear motor industry in our country has large development prospect. At the same time, the high efficiency energy-saving motor is also the development trend of the whole industry. At the international power transmission show in Asia, audiences can fully appreciate the impact of new products on the industry.

Asia international power transmission exhibition covering ten theme exhibition areas will continue to develop, and build a unique business platform for domestic and overseas enterprises to expand the international market. So far, there are Turkey, the United States, Spain, Portugal, Japan, India, Romania and other multinational companies, as well as from Germany, Italy and South Korea and other countriesp.