A new profit growth point for electric machinery enterprises

In general, the new energy industry has become a new profit growth point for electric machinery enterprises. In May 2018, the total number of new energy vehicles driving motors in China reached 90242, and the permanent magnet synchronous motor accounted for nearly 90%, becoming the mainstream of the market. Wuolong Motor said on an investor interactive platform in August that the company has partnered with a number of domestic and foreign auto manufacturers and parts companies to develop new energy automotive motors. The company's target is to complete the delivery of around 80,000 units this year, and complete the production of overseas customers.

Up to now, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued the latest issue of the Catalogue of Recommended Vehicles for Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles. The effective recommended catalogues are the 5th batch, the 6th batch, the 7th batch and the 8th batch. According to statistics, the four groups of recommended lists include 3057 models, a total of 216 enterprises to provide motor support for these new energy vehicles. Among the four recommended catalogues, the supporting quantities are ahead which include Guangxi Yuchai, Suzhou Lvkong, Zhengzhou Yutong bus, Hunan Zhongche Shidai, Jingjin Electric, etc. In addition to Guangxi Yuchai for more than 200 models, the rest are for 172, 136, 136, 129 models to provide support.