Sino-American trade war may stimulate china's gear industry growth

Since 2018, the intransigent US embargo on ZTE chips has thrown Chinese manufacturers into a panic. Although it is clear that the United States is feeling a sense of crisis in China's technological upgrading, we quickly realize that neck locking technology in various fields is constraining the real development of China's power. The so-called neck technology is embodied in the core parts of the Chinese robotics industry which is not the Japanese monopoly of precision speed reducer.

Robot joint reducer in the gear industry at present accounts only a very small piece and should not be too much attention! Society should be concerned about the robot. After all, the reducer is just a component.

But why are we focusing on the robot retarder from the government to the private sector, from investors to entrepreneurs?

Main three factors

Genearal and importance: robots are widely used, have broad prospects, and are becoming more and more extensive. Maybe it'll be like a car!

Monopoly and danger: in the world, the two largest robotic reducers are both Japanese companies.

Difficulty and urgency: in China, the localization process of robot reducer is difficult and tortuous. From many years, the problem has not been finally resolved.