High voltage motor transportation process precautions

Lifting process considerations

All lifting must use lifting rods or lifting holes. It is never allowed to hoist or support at the core punching plate or coil. When lifting the whole motor, use the sling and ensure the weight distribution of the motor is even, try to ensure that the motor is in equilibrium. Use the poles to avoid deformation of the top cover.

A strong blow to any part of the winding is likely to damage the insulation and cause the coil to burn out.

If the motor is to be placed temporarily, place the motor or component on a suitable level of support.

Do not use the lifting handle on the top cover to lift the entire motor. If the weight of the coupling or other accessories makes the lifting unbalanced, additional slings should be added to prevent tipping. For this requirement, it is recommended to indicate it on the motor in a more conspicuous manner to ensure that the requirement can be identified at any use site of the motor.

High voltage motors are often equipped with rotor fixtures to prevent movement of the rotor. When moving the entire motor, the rotor fixture must be installed. Failure to install the fixture may result in damage due to axial movement of the rotor. At the same time, the motor should ensure that the motor is fixed on the bottom during transportation to prevent the bearing system from being damaged by external force due to the bumps of the road during transportation. Since there are many problems with bearing damage that do not appear in the bottom, each motor manufacturer should pay special attention to this link.


Vertical motor installation and transportation

Motor transportation must ensure that the motor is placed vertically, that is, the motor flange is downward. It is strictly forbidden to transport the motor flat. This requirement should be implemented during the test, transportation and storage of the motor, otherwise it will lead to direct problems (noise and vibration) of the motor bearing system.

There are lifting lugs on the motor casing, which can be used to lift the whole motor. It is strictly forbidden to lift the whole motor with the lifting lugs on the cooler or the lifting lugs on the vertical motor end cover.


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