Common cooling method for high voltage motors

The high-voltage motors usually use the cooling methods IC01, IC11, IC21, IC31, IC37, IC81W, IC611, IC616. The code "IC" indicating the cooling mode, the subsequent letters and characteristic numbers respectively indicate the circuit arrangement of various cooling media, the pushing mode of the cooling medium movement, and the cooling medium.

Common cooling medium markings: "air" is A; "water" is W. The cooling medium air mark A can be omitted.

The cooling mode is marked as follows: code IC + cooling circuit arrangement + primary cooling medium + driving mode of primary cooling medium movement + secondary cooling medium + secondary cooling medium movement.


Interpretation of common cooling methods

IC01——Cooling circuit arrangement: free circulation, that is, the surrounding medium is directly free to inhale and then directly return to the surrounding medium; medium movement drive: self-circulation (self-ventilation), medium movement is related to motor speed, rotor itself, mounted on rotor Components such as fans and rotors drag the action of an integral fan or pump to cause media movement.

IC11 - Self-ventilation with air inlet duct (cooling circuit) (media motion drive).

IC21 - self-ventilating with air ducts.

IC31 - self-ventilating with inlet and outlet ducts.

IC37 - There are inlet and outlet ducts and separate or separate blowers or coolant pressure sources.

IC81W - cooling circuit arrangement: externally mounted cooler (with remote medium), ie the primary cooling medium circulates in the closed circuit and transfers heat to the secondary cooling medium (remote medium) via an external cooler mounted on the motor The primary cooling medium is air, self-circulating (self-venting), and the secondary cooling medium (distant medium) is water. The outline is described as fully enclosed air-cooled self-ventilation; the motor is equipped with a heat exchanger (air to water); the water circulation is powered by an independent water pump or water system.

IC611 - Fully enclosed fan is cooled and self-ventilated; the motor is equipped with a heat exchanger (air to air).

IC616 - Fully enclosed internal air self-circulation; the motor is equipped with an independent blower heat exchanger (air to air).

IC666 - Fully enclosed internal air circulation with independent fans; independent blower heat exchanger (air to air) on the motor.

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