A bearing may make both BMW engines completely extinguished

All BMWs received emergency notices from BMW or BMW Brilliance, and some G12, G20, G28 and G29 models were discontinued and delivered. The reason is that there is a problem with the balance shaft bearings used in the vehicle involved. The solution is to replace the engine.


The G12, G20, G28, and G29 mentioned in the notice are the new 7 series, the new 3 series standard axis version, the new 3 series long axis version, and the new generation BMW Z4. The most important impact on China is the new 3 Series, which has sold nearly 20,000 units in both versions.

In a European emergency notice, BMW explained the reasons for the suspension of delivery and the suspension of the sale – engine parts could cause engine failure, and this engine part is the bearing of the balance shaft. This bearing is not strong enough and can cause premature bearing wear and damage to the engine, with a chance to cause the engine to stall during travel.

Affected vehicles are required to test the engine according to the repair instructions and replace the program to disassemble and install the engine.

It can make BMW urgently stop delivery and stop selling, indicating that this problem is serious. On the surface, it is a bearing problem of the balance shaft. Actually, there may be design defects in the B48 engine. If this defect is defined by any quality inspection department in Europe, the United States or China. For major product defects, models equipped with the B48 engine will be recalled globally, and eventually the B46 engine will be subject to a global recall.

It’s really a bearing that will make both BMW engines completely extinguished.


Reprinted from the network