Effect of temperature on combined bearing efficiency

The combined bearing will heat up after it starts running, and after a period of time, it is normal at a lower temperature (usually 10 to 40 degrees higher than room temperature). The normal time varies depending on the bearing size, form, rotation speed, lubrication method, and the heat release conditions around the bearing. This takes approximately 20 minutes to several hours.

When the combined bearing temperature does not reach the normal state and abnormal temperature rise occurs, the following main reasons can be considered:

1. Too much or too little lubricant

2. Poorly mounted bearing

3. The internal clearance of the combined bearing is too small, or the load is too large

4. Sealing device is too frictional

5. Lubricant does not match

6. Mating surface creep

In addition, if any of the above, stop as soon as possible and take necessary countermeasures. Temperature is critical to maintaining the proper life of the bearing and preventing deterioration of the lubricant!

Recommendation: Try to control as much as possible under non-high temperature conditions (typically below 100 degrees).

Secondly, check the raceway surface of the bearing, the condition of the rolling surface and the joint surface, and the damage and abnormal conditions of the truss wear. It is necessary to check the running track of the raceway surface. To determine whether the bearing can be used again, it is necessary to think about the level of damage to the combined bearing, the mechanical function, the primacy, the operating premise, the inspection cycle, etc.

When the combined bearing can be replaced, the new bearing should be carefully inspected. At the same time, when the shaft diameter and the bearing housing hole and the rotor are carefully inspected and assembled and disassembled, the maintenance process is strictly performed, and the operation is carefully performed to avoid improper assembly and disassembly. The bearing is damaged. Refueling on time to ensure that the bearing working condition is always in good condition; carefully check in the operation of the combined bearing, find hidden troubles and eliminate it in time.


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