Adjustment of the clearance of the combined bearing

In order to ensure the normal operation of the bearing, there is usually a proper axial and radial clearance inside the combined bearing. The size of the clearance has a great influence on the rotation accuracy, load, life, efficiency, noise, etc. of the bearing.

If the clearance is too large, the rotation accuracy of the bearing is reduced, and the noise is increased. If the clearance is too small, the bearing is overloaded due to the thermal expansion of the shaft, the life is shortened, and the efficiency is lowered. Therefore, the bearing assembly should be properly adjusted according to the actual working conditions, and the structure can be easily adjusted.

There are three common ways to adjust the clearance:

(1) Gasket adjustment

The angular contact bearing assembly shown adjusts the play by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the shim pack between the bearing cap and the chock. The thermal compensation clearance of the deep groove ball bearing combination is also adjusted by the gasket.

(2) Screw adjustment

The bearing clearance is adjusted with screws and dish parts, and the nut acts as a lock. This method is easy to adjust but cannot withstand large axial forces.

(3) Round nut adjustment

The two tapered roller bearing reverse mounting structure, the bearing clearance is adjusted by the round nut. However, the operation is not convenient and the thread weakens the strength of the shaft.


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