Reasons why imported bearings are burnt out

The so-called burn injury state of the imported bearings means that the raceway wheel, the rolling element and the cage of the imported bearing are heated rapidly during the rotation until discoloration, softening, welding and damage.

The main cause of burns on imported bearings is the poor lubrication of imported bearings, the possibility of using irregular lubricants, or too many lubricants, too few, are incorrect. For information on the lubrication of imported bearings, please refer to this site.

Introduction to the two articles on the misunderstanding of the use of lubricating grease in the process of repairing FAG bearings and the introduction of lubrication technology in imported bearings.

Secondly, it may be an excessive load (preload is too large). The speed is too high. The play is too small. There is water or other foreign matter invading. If the above two cases are not the case, the accuracy of the shaft and the bearing housing is poor, and the deflection of the shaft is large. Seeing this, I think everyone wants to know

The solution to the road, first of all, to study the lubricant and lubrication methods, choose the bearing lubricant, and its amount, and to correct the choice of bearings. Research is to match, bearing clearance and preload, and to improve the seal. Check the accuracy of the shaft and bearing housing. of course,

If you have an expert next to you, let him operate and learn the best!

It is recommended that when using imported bearings, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation, lubrication, clearance and other aspects to be as accurate as possible.

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