The shaker bearing is overheated, how to solve it?

The vibrating screen bearing works under heavy load and large centrifugal force, so the heating phenomenon is usually obvious. Normally, the vibrating screen empty car test 4h, the bearing temperature should be maintained at 35 ~ 60 ° C. If the bearing temperature is high, it may be caused by the following reasons.

(1) Unreasonable bearing model selection

If the vibrating screen is used frequently, the bearings in the exciter are frequently overheated and there is no obvious improvement after refueling. It is very likely that the bearing model is unreasonable. The main reason for this is that the bearing radial clearance is too small. The bearing on the vibrating screen has a high operating frequency and a very large load carrying capacity. At the same time, the load is a variable load. If the radial clearance of the bearing is too small, there is no way to withstand high frequency and large loads, so it is necessary to select a large clearance bearing when selecting.

(2) lack of bearing thermal expansion space

Mainly when the production time is long, the bearing temperature is high, and the bearing will be damaged. The main reason is that the bearing end cap is too tight when it is pressed against the outer ring of the bearing, and there is no room for thermal expansion of the shaft. When the temperature rises, the shaft expands, so that the end cap of the bearing is dead, there is no axial clearance, the gland and the bearing There must be a certain gap between the outer rings to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the bearings and a certain axial turbulence. This gap can be adjusted by a gasket between the end cap and the bearing housing.

(3) Less bearing oil or oil pollution, etc.

The bearing lacks oil or oil. If the bearing is not inspected for a long time, the bearing will be dehydrated, which will cause heat. In severe cases, the bearing will be damaged. In order to solve this phenomenon, the end cover should be opened regularly, and the oil should be injected in time. When the fuel is added, the oil can not fill the entire end cover, leaving a one-third space. At this time, it is necessary to fill the bearing, clean, replace the oil and seal, check the oil quality and oil filling.

(4) Entry of outside slime

The external environment is bad, and the entry of coal slime into the bearing end cover is also a cause of bearing heat. Therefore, the sealing condition of the bearing should be checked frequently to prevent the outside coal slime and water from entering the inside of the bearing.

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