How long does the car bearing generally last? How to determine if the tire bearing is broken?

The traditional bearings are mainly composed of ball bearings or two sets of tapered roller bearings. With the continuous development of automobile technology, the problems of high cost, difficult assembly and poor reliability have been improved. The wheel bearing unit has been invented and two sets of bearings will be invented. As one, it is widely used in cars.

How long does the car bearing generally last?

Bearings are often an important part of the tire. In order to drive the car safely, the timing maintenance and replacement of the bearings is the key. If the maintenance is used properly, the bearings of the car can generally be used for about 100,000 kilometers.


How do you know if the tire bearing is broken?

If the tire bearing is broken, the humming noise is the most obvious performance, and the noise will increase with the speed of the car. When the vehicle speed can be raised to a certain level, the car will slide in a neutral state. If the hum is still not changed, it can be judged that the tire bearing has a problem. The body will shake, and the faster the speed, the more intense the jitter. If the tire bearing is broken, it will generate a large amount of heat. The driver can let the car drive for a period of time and then touch the tire to feel the tire. It is obvious that the temperature of the hub is significantly higher than the normal temperature.


In order to make the tire bearing have a longer service life, we must regularly maintain it, clean the stain on the bearing, check the bearing is running well and replace the grease.

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