SKF launches silent series ball bearings for spindles

SKF introduces the Silent Series of Ultra Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings (ACBB) for grease lubricated spindles.


Machine tool spindle manufacturers have found that minimizing noise and vibration levels during machine operation is key to improving spindle performance. Therefore, SKF has developed a silent series of ultra-precision angular contact ball bearings for the challenges faced by machine tool spindle manufacturers.


The bearing cage in the low-speed spindle makes a click noise when rotating, which is normal, but may be mistaken for a problem with the spindle or its components. Rufel Product Line Manager Rudolf Groissmayr said: "The SKF Silent Series bearings feature a new innovative ball-roller-guided polyamide cage that minimizes the sound of the cage during rotation. Silent operation Increased end user confidence in spindle quality."


SKF Silent Series bearings are quick and cost effective to install.

Moreover, the inner and outer diameter tolerances of the bearing are optimized so that the load distribution of each bearing in the bearing set can be improved. This not only improves spindle efficiency, but also reduces the verification and test time required to select the most suitable bearing.

SKF Silent Series bearings are available in two designs: High Load Capacity D-Type Design Bearings 719D and 70D Series: System Rigidity and Stiffness, High Energy Density, Compact Design; High Speed E-Type Design Bearings 70E Series: at Various Operating Speeds Both can maintain excellent thermal stability.

Rudolf Groissmayr said: “Our experts will help our customers make better product choices based on their value needs. We also offer a variety of bearing calculation tools, such as SimPro Spindle, to help customers design and select the most suitable spindle bearings.”

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