Japan Denso Corporation Compressor Products

In the refrigeration compressor industry, conventional motors and controllers are placed separately and connected by wires. It can be installed tightly on a physical level, but after all, it is impossible to share a true seamless fit of a case. In this regard, Nippon Denso has proposed a deep integration technology for motors and controllers.

In this compressor product, the controller shares a housing with the motor. The biggest highlight is the integration of the controller near the suction port of the compressor, which is achieved by pumping refrigerant to achieve cooling of the controller. Structurally, the controller's separate cooling unit is reduced, enabling a smaller, lower cost product design. In terms of deep integration, Denso's products also deepen the integration of the motor and controller through the following technologies.

1.High-density package, which uses bas bar wire to simplify wiring in control. At the same time, the larger film capacitor component is mounted on the pad part of the motor casing, and three-dimensional high-density packaging is realized by epoxy material; controller power The device is mounted on the motor base to increase heat dissipation and allow the power device to achieve rapid cooling.


2. Simplify the control circuit;

3. Improved cooling and vibration control, that is, filling the inside of the controller with silica gel to provide sufficient shock resistance, and the above improved function of cooling the controller by using a suction refrigerant.

4. Cooling oil through the motor also helps the controller to dissipate heat.


A cooling oil circuit is provided on the side of the compressor motor close to the controller to help dissipate heat from the controller while dissipating heat from the controller.

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