Analysis of patent operation in the bearing industry

Introduce the successful cases of patent operations of Gaozhi Company and Stanford University, and analyze the layout of patent operations of global bearing enterprises.

1.Gaozhi Company

Gaozhi is one of the world's largest patent aggregators, with tens of thousands of patents that are generating benefits, more than $6 billion in investment commitments, and more than $3 billion in business revenue since its inception. As a principal of patent implementation, he is mainly engaged in patent transactions and litigation, and is alleged to be a patent speculation or arbitrage institution. Edward Jung, CTO of Gaozhi, believes that his company is an invention company, not a patent company, which creates economic value from patents. In 2009, Gaozhi's laboratory in Bellevue, Washington, had more than 170 scientists and more than 8,000 scientific instruments. In addition to having tens of thousands of invention patents developed and purchased from outside, Gaozhi has cooperated with more than 500 global organizations.

2.Stanford University

As one of the most representative entrepreneurial universities in the world, Stanford University initiated the Office of Technology License (OTL), which is responsible for technology transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, in 1970. The operating mode is shown in the table below. According to statistics from 2013 to 2014, the patent income in the two years reached 110 million US dollars.

At present, the development of the global bearing industry is extremely uneven. The bearing industry in industrialized countries and regions such as Japan, the United States, and Europe is highly developed. The global high-end bearing market has always been in a state of high monopoly. Schaeffler, Germany, JTETK (including KOYO), NSK, NTN, Sweden SKF (including SNFA) The production plants and R&D centers of world famous bearing companies such as TIMKEN in the United States are all over the world, and their products occupy more than 80% market share in the global precision bearing market. Japan, Sweden, and Germany have a large number of patents in the global patent ranking of bearing companies.

The patent market operations of internationally renowned bearing companies are globally distributed. The patented technology layout includes: new bearing structure design, vehicle bearings, motor bearings, precision measurement, sealing, bearing lubricants, testing, bearing heat treatment, etc. Among the top 20 patent application companies in the global bearing industry, NTN, NSK, JTEKJ, SKF, and FAG occupy the top 5.


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