Classification method for bearing remanufacturing

Rolling bearing remanufactured objects are bearings that have been used (or unused for long periods of time). Due to the number of cycles and application conditions, the state of the bearings is quite different. The manufacturing plant must first classify the bearings when they are remanufactured. The professional bearing remanufacturing factory has accumulated a lot of practical experience and formed a more detailed bearing remanufacturing classification method.


Taking the Schaeffler FAG remanufacturing classification as an example, Level I refers to the cleaning, disassembly and part inspection of the bearing; Level II refers to the slight defect polishing treatment on the surface of the part, which does not replace any parts; Level III refers to the obvious flaw of the raceway. It is ground and replaced with rolling elements; Level IV means that when there is crack or deep fatigue defect in the ferrule, the ferrule, rolling element, cage and other parts need to be replaced.

Schaeffler FAG clearly stated that the remanufacturing cost of Level IV is close to that of new bearings, and this level of remanufacturing is only carried out for bearings in special fields.

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