Paying attention to the problem of aligning roller bearings

The load force of the roller bearing is carried out at room temperature, but it is in the working state. The drive shaft caused by the rise of the system micro-tensile temperature will change the load force of the bearing. Therefore, you should take this factor into account in setting the preload force.

It requires the proper use of the pretensioning force of the centering roller bearings with capacity, speed, and other conditioning settings to ensure the life of transmission. If the tightening force is too large and power consumption, it even leads to overheating. If the preload is too small, with the body loads, the shaft rolls and the gap between the outer rings, resulting beating, running and transmission accuracy to reduce the noise increasing, affecting gear meshing, serious damage when the teeth and bearings.

According to different central roller bearing assembly, for example, the bearing tightening nut which directly compresses the inner ring of the inner bearing rotates the inner and outer ring to eliminate the gap and realize the purpose of bearing tightening force. To achieve co-use: first, it is far more than loaded bearings, nuts at the end, and then back to 1/4 turn. Assembly method has the advantage of less investment, simple, practical, consistent good quality under the premise of tapered roller bearings, it can be used.