The basic parameters and applications of aligning roller bearing

The aligning roller bearing has two lines of symmetrical spherical roller. The outer ring has a common spherical raceway, and the inner ring has two inclined ones with the bearing axis. Angle of the race has a good heart performance. When the axial stress bending or install different heart bearings can still be used normally, it can vary with different bearing size series, and generally allows by the self-aligning Angle from 1 to 2.5 degrees. The type of bearing load capacity is larger. Besides it can bear radial load bearing, it can withstand the axial load, which has good shock resistance. Spherical roller bearing is allowed to work speed is low.

To improve the lubrication of the bearing, the aligning roller bearing with annular oil groove and three oil holes can be provided to the user, as indicated by bearing rear code /W33. According to the requirement of the user, it can also supply with spherical roller bearing inner ring oil hole. In order to facilitate customer handling and replace bearings, it also can provide the inner hole of bearing and spherical roller bearing with taper cone hole taper 1:12. In order to meet the user's special requirements,it can provide the hole taper bearings for 1:30, code-named K30 thereafter. Bearings with taper inner bore can be fitted directly to the taper journal with lock nuts, or fitted to the cylindrical journal with the aid of a retainer sleeve or retractable sleeve.

Main applicable retainers: stamping steel reinforced retainers (suffix E, few in China), stamping steel plate type retainer (suffix CC), glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 retainer (suffix TVPB), machined brass type two retainer (suffix MB), machined brass integral retainer (suffix CA), stamping steel plate retainer (suffix JPA), vibratory brass retainer (suffix EMA). The bearing may have different codes on the same structure.

Main applications: paper making machinery, speed reducer, railway rolling stock axle, gear box bearing seat of steel rolling mill, roller, crusher, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, various industrial reducer, vertical belt centering bearing.