Other matters needing attention of hydraulic system

If the actuator has the requirement of speed regulation, it should meet the requirement of speed regulation and reduce power loss as far as possible when selecting the speed regulation loop. Common speed control loops have throttle speed circuit, volume speed control circuit, volume throttle speed control circuit. The power loss of the throttle control loop is large, and the low speed stability is good. However, the volumetric speed regulating loop has neither overflow loss nor throttling loss, with high efficiency but poor stability at low speed. If the requirements of both sides are met, the volumetric throttling speed control loop composed of differential pressure variable pump and throttle valve can be adopted, and the pressure difference between both ends of the throttle valve can be minimized to reduce pressure loss.

Choosing hydraulic oil reasonably. When the hydraulic oil flows in the pipeline, it will appear viscous. When the viscosity is too high, it will produce greater internal friction, resulting in oil heating, increasing the resistance of oil flow at the same time. When the viscosity is too low, it is easy to cause leakage, which will reduce the volume efficiency of the system. Therefore, oil with appropriate viscosity and better viscosity temperature is generally selected. In addition, when the oil flows in the pipeline, there are pressure losses along the pipeline and local pressure losses. Therefore, the pipe is designed to shorten as much as possible while reducing the bend.

The above is the work to avoid the power loss of the hydraulic system, but there are many factors affecting the power loss of the hydraulic system, so when designing a hydraulic system specifically, other requirements should be considered comprehensively.