The main content of electric drive system

Electric drive system includes motor, motor controller and drive mechanism. Some electric cars can be driven directly by an electric motor. Electric vehicle electric drive mode can be divided into motor central drive and electric wheel drive.

Central motor drive. A central motor drive system consists of a motor, a fixed speed ratio reducer, and a differential. In this drive system, there is no clutch or transmission, so the volume and mass of the mechanical transmission can be reduced. Another type of central motor drive system is similar to the arrangement of the fuel vehicle with the front wheel driving lateral restriction engine. It integrates the motor, fixed speed ratio reducer and differential into one, and connects two half-shafts to two driving wheels. This arrangement is most commonly used in small electric vehicles.

Electric wheel drive. The motor and the fixed speed ratio of the star gear reducer are hidden in the wheels, without the transmission shaft and differential, simplifying the transmission system. However, the electric wheel drive mode requires two or four motors, and its control circuit is also complex. This drive mode is widely used in electric vehicles.