Gear hobbing machine

Gear hobbing machine is used hob rough, finishing straight teeth, oblique teeth, miter gear and worm gear, etc. Gear shaper is used to process straight teeth, bevel gear and other tooth forms by gear shaper cutter. The milling cutter is machined according to the dividing method, which is mainly used to process the instrument gear with special tooth shape. The gear shaving machine is a kind of high efficiency machine tool for finishing gears with gear shaving cutter. The gear grinding machine is a high precision machine tool which is used in grinding wheel, precision machining of hardened cylindrical gears or tooth surfaces of gear cutting tools. The gear honing machine is a machine tool which eliminates the burr of hardened gear and other tooth surface defects by freely meshing the gear honing. The gear extruder is a machine tool which makes use of the free meshing of the extrusion wheel with no cutting edge of high hardness and the workpiece to grind the tiny unevenly on the tooth surface to improve the precision and smoothness. Gear chamfering machine is a kind of turning machine for the tooth end of sliding gear, which is engaged in internal and external meshing. The cylindrical gear machine also includes hot rolling mill and cold rolling mill.

The machine is mainly used for processing the tooth parts of spur gear, oblique tooth, arc tooth and extension cycloidal tooth etc.

The straight-tooth bevel gear shaping machine is a kind of machine tool which is rough and finished by means of a pair of shaping cutter.