Gear cutting machine

Gear cutting machine is a machine tool that processes all kinds of cylindrical gears, bevel gears and other gear parts. There are many types and specifications of gear machine tools, such as small machine tools for processing several millimeters diameter gears, large machine tools for processing more than ten meters diameter gears, high-efficiency machine tools for mass production and high-precision machine tools for processing precision gears. Gear machine tools are widely used in automobile, tractor, machine tools, engineering machinery, mining machinery, metallurgy machinery, petroleum, instruments, aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing industries.

According to the different types of gear processed, the gear processing machine can be divided into two categories: cylindrical gear machine - hobbing machine, gear shaper, gear machine, and bevel gear processing machine -- processing straight bevel gear: tooth shaping machine, milling machine, tooth drawing machine. Processing arc tooth bevel gear: milling tooth machine. Processing tooth line shape for extension involute: bevel gear milling machine. Finishing gear tooth surface: gear honing machine, gear shaving machine and gear grinding machine.