The stator winding

Action: it is the electrical part of the motor and connected with three-phase alternating current, generating rotating magnetic field.

Structure: it is connected with the three in the space between 120 ° Angle. Arrangement can be connected with the same structure of the winding, the winding of the coil respectively according to certain rule embedded in the stator slot.

The main insulation items of stator windings are as follows :(guaranteeing the reliable insulation between each conductive part of the windings and the iron core, and the reliable insulation between the windings themselves).

1) Ground insulation: the insulation between the stator winding as a whole and the stator core.

2) Phase insulation: insulation between stator windings of each phase.

3) Turn-to-turn insulation: the turn-to-turn insulation of each phase stator winding.