Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Permanent magnet synchronous motor is an asynchronous starting permanent magnet synchronous motor. Its magnetic system is composed of one or more permanent magnets, and usually insides a cage rotor welded with cast aluminum or copper bars. The stator structure is similar to the asynchronous motor.

When the stator winding is connected to the power supply, motor with principle of asynchronous motor starts regulately, generating by the permanent magnet rotor magnetic field and stator magnetic field of synchronous electromagnetic torque will pull in synchronous rotor, into synchronous motor running.

The magnetoresistive synchronous motor is also known as reactive synchronous motor. It is a synchronous motor that produces the magnetoresistive torque by the difference of rotor quadrature axis and vertical axis magnetoresis. The stator is similar to the stator structure of the asynchronous motor, except that the rotor structure is different.