The installation of hydraulic oil tank

According to the different installation position, it can be divided into upper type, side type and lower type.  

The hydraulic pump and other devices are installed on the upper cover plate with good rigidity. It is compact and most widely used. In addition, the heat dissipation fins can be cast on the oil tank shell to enhance the heat dissipation effect, which increases the service life of the hydraulic pump.

The side-mounted oil tank is installed with hydraulic pump and other devices beside the oil tank. Although it covers a large area, it is convenient for installation and maintenance. It is usually used when the system flow and oil tank capacity are large and when one oil tank is used especially to supply oil to several hydraulic pumps. The oil level of side tank is higher than that of hydraulic pump, so it has better oil absorption effect.  

The lower oil tank is to put the hydraulic pump under the oil tank, which is not only convenient for installation and maintenance, but also greatly improves the suction capacity of the hydraulic pump.