The selection of hydraulic oil tank

The main function of the hydraulic oil tank in the hydraulic system is to store oil, heat dissipate, separate the air contained in the oil and eliminate foam.

Firstly, the capacity of oil tank should be taken into consideration. Generally, the maximum flow rate of the pump is 2 ~ 3 times of that of the mobile equipment, and that of the stationary equipment is 3 ~ 4 times.

Secondly, the oil level of the oil tank should be considered. The oil level of the oil tank should not be lower than the lowest level when all the hydraulic oil cylinder of the system is extended, and the oil level should not be higher than the highest level when the oil cylinder is retracted.

Finally, considering the structure of the oil tank. The separator inside the traditional oil tank can not play the role of sediment dirt, which should be installed along the longitudinal axis of the oil tank a vertical separator. A space between one end of this separator and the fuel tank endplate is left to connect the space between both sides of the separator. The inlet and outlet of the hydraulic pump is arranged on both sides of the disconnected end separator, making the distance between oil intake and oil return the furthest, and the hydraulic oil tank has more cooling effects.