Hydraulic technology will not be completely replaced, but hydraulic products will be eliminated

Mobile hydraulic is now very sensitive to energy consumption, and the requirements for energy conservation will be certainly higher when new energy is adopted. The elimination of inefficient components and circuits is an inevitable trend.

Therefore, you have to keep learning for hydraulic technology. Business leaders should pay attention to and select the battlefields that are favorable to them, constantly exploring, improving, innovating, keeping pace with The Times, adjusting to the changes in customer demands. If you want to learn the same product for a lifetime, decades after the same product, then elimination is inevitable.

Based on Buck professor personal experience of being engaged in, promoting and leading the development of the world's fluid technology for 50 years, the late professor of the world's leading technology of fluid technology points out "Innovation means identifying new unrecognized applications and discovering new connections. It is a talent that requires painstaking and lateral thinking. Fluid technology looks particularly promising in this regard, so I'm not worried about the future of fluid technology. It will continue to evolve. Maybe not as we can imagine, it will find new ways. In this sense, I wish our professional field continued to flourish. "