Doing your job well

The laws of physics are hard to resist and the general trend is hard to change. It's no use watching the trend whine. However, real life is extremely complicated. There is always a place to hide from the sun under the scorching sun. When a thousand miles frozen, there is always a way to stay warm from the wind,  and opening a hotel under the ice still makes money.

Actually, the adjustment actuator of the mirror of "sky eye" is electric drive originally, encountering a few problems to fail to solve. Later, a group of domestic hydraulic experts overcame many technical difficulties and met the requirements with hydraulic transmission. If the difficulties of hydraulic transmission do not overcome and electric drive solved those technical problems, wouldn't hydraulic pressure be supplanted in this application?

Therefore, the problem of technology substitution needs to be analyzed in detail rather than in general. While recognizing the big trend, we should pay more attention to whether our company's products have a future and the market share is shrinking. Whether hydraulic transmission will be replaced also depends on the efforts of each enterprise.