It is unlikely that hydraulic technology will be completely replaced

In addition, different applications have different focus on performance. For example, the hydraulic components work on endurance and the ship hopes to be 20 years old, while the missile takes only a few minutes. Good performance in one application is likely to be unnoticed in another.

Therefore, inventing a kind of magical implement can replace all existing hydraulic technology, which is infantile and do not understand the extensive and profound application of hydraulic technology, which is intentionally cheat.

Especially now, some people like to use entertainment advertising to publicize technology, and they will hang terms that is fashionable. There are many concepts of hype, such as "air driven big" and "water driven bicycle", regardless of the rigor of science and technology.

Therefore, as a hydraulic technician, it is necessary to have the ability and habit of being alert and aware of deception to analyze phenomena and consider the nature.