Domestic companies still need to do to win competition

At present, although China's underwater robot technology has been gradually integrated with international standards and market development has been accelerating, China's underwater robot industry still hasn't got rid of the development status at the primary stage. The domestic market is mostly occupied by enterprises in developed countries. To win the competition, Chinese enterprises still need to seize the future development.

 To achieve this goal, it is of vital importance for domestic enterprises to strengthen integration and communication with universities and scientific research institutions. The combination of production, education and research can  provide long-term stable technical support to enterprises, promoting innovative and differentiated development of enterprises,  creating a good competitive environment among enterprises. It can also drive the commercialization and upgrading of technology and products, so that the development of technology itself can be more in line with market application.

 In July, the Shenzhen municipal people's government reached strategic cooperation with the recently crowned Harbin industrial university, and planned to build the Marine research institute and promote the common development of technology research and development and application. Driven by the government, the people believe that more and more enterprises will join in the cooperation in the future. The international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises will be effectively enhanced.