China's underwater robot technology continues to develop

In fact, Dianlong II is only a microcosm of the development of underwater robots in China. In recent years, with the continuous attention of our government, domestic universities and scientific research institutions continue to carry out technical difficulties, and our underwater robot technology development has been able to achieve comparable results with the advanced conturies.

From July 30 to August 5 this year, at the 21st International Underwater Robot Competition held in San Diego, USA, our research and development team from Harbin Engineering University relied on the self-developed underwater vehicle Aoming II succeeding in winning the championship of this competition. It is understood that this event has long been monopolized by famous American schools. Harbin University success not only set a record for our country, but also set a record for Asia.

In this year's "underwater Gambling City" competition, in terms of project completion and project completion, "Aoming II" is far ahead. In the face of some projects that can not be completed by other colleges and universities, the team of Harbin University of Technology has also completed the task through technical transformation, which can be said to be a strong proof of the development of underwater robot technology in China.

From last year's fourth regret to losing the top three to this year's victory, China's underwater robot technology, represented by Harbin Engineering University, has made rapid progress. At present, China's underwater robot technology has been at the same level as Europe and the United States on the whole. There may still be a slight gap in industrial application, but China still has great potential for progress.