1.1.1      Steel1.1.2       Metals1.1.3       Non-ferrous metals
1.1.4      Rubber1.1.5       Plastics1.1.6       Ceramics
1.1.7      Composites1.1.8       Sepical materials1.1.9       Hybrid materials


2.1.1   Casting2.1.2  Forging2.1.3  Sheet metal forming
2.1.4   Machining2.1.5  Fastening technology2.1.6  Surface technology
2.1.7   Process engineering2.1.8  Industrial design 2.1.9  Industrial service

Supporting Equipment and Parts

3.1.1   Processing equipment3.1.2   Machine tool3.1.3   Testing instrument
3.1.4   System and parts

Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solution

4.1.1      Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing 4.1.2       Supply Chain Management4.1.3       Design & Manufacturing Outsourcing
4.1.4      Drawing/Document Management4.1.5       CAM&CAE4.1.6       CAD&PLM/PDM
4.1.7      SCM/ERP/Production Management System4.1.8       3D measurement4.1.9       Technology Transfer/Engineering Training
4.1.10    Virtual Product Development