What will happen if the bearing is coupled with the Internet of Things?

Do you know what the Internet of Things is? Actually it is rather easy to explain: it is to connect everything through the Internet, nicely integrate existing Internet technologies with the things in life, and realize a new world of operating and using the things around you in a long-distance and high-efficiency manner.

What influence will the Internet of Things bring to the world?

One day in the future, you will be able to open your car door or house door with a mere hand gesture, keep a close look at the safety of your children even if you are out of home; when traveling, you will receive a message alert if someone is walking around in your house, and you can call the police by merely pressing one button...It will be an ideal world free of thieves.

Do you reckon that these are just some scenes in Hollywood blockbusters? No. It might happen every day in the world of Internet of Things.

The invention of Internet of Things might be the closest approach to the “Revolutionary Technology” as far as you and me can see. When the Internet of Things completes the transformation of the existing world for you and me, it will bring tremendous efficiency benefits to our economy and the world.

So what influence will the development of Internet of Things bring to bearing enterprises?

From the perspective of macroscopic level, the Internet of Things will assist bearing enterprises in reducing waste in a more effective way. The bearing products connected to the Internet can be monitored in real-time, so that we can know their usage situation and current.

In the near future, when you start to track the data of certain bearing products, these data will be used as the original reference data for regular maintenance, which is the genuine “great value for money”. And you will not consider making a difference only if some outmoded low-efficiency principle takes a toll on the customer service efficiency.

Meanwhile, the scientific use of data will bring positive feedback for analysis prediction: not only reducing the frequency of malfunctions, but also improving the design level of products.

From the perspective of industry, the Internet of Things will also change the interaction relations between suppliers and buyers.

Nowadays, when the suppliers sell products to the buyers, they will, to some extent, advise the buyers to make timely feedback if there is any problem.

Therefore, the suppliers specially rely on the large-scale call center and customer service department to assist them in solving problems in subsequent customer services.

The existence of Internet of Things will directly streamline the cumbersome processes -- products are directly linked to the services. Before adopting any relevant maintenance action, the comprehensive evaluation has been made for these “problematic products”, so as to reduce the costs of manpower, material resources and time.

SKF, a Swedish bearing manufacturer, is implementing this measure. It has well manifested the idea through its industrial technology of “SKF Insight” and “SKF Enlight”. By fitting bearings or the products equipped with bearings with vibration sensors, acceleration sensors and temperature sensors, “SKF Insight” and “SKF Enlight” collect data via wireless communication, analyze the status of the bearings and thus diagnose abnormalities.

In the Internet of Things, every transformed IoT equipment (bearing products) can be the node for data generation and collection, with the number possibly being 10 billion-level and even trillion-level. Such a tremendous change means that we have entered a whole new era. Though we created data through manpower in the past, the omnipresent IoT equipment have become the major source of data generation.

The bearing enterprises will also collect the data more than ever through the Internet of Things. This will encourage them to rethink and analyze the strategy and drive managers to study and adapt to data information functions and analysis systems under the new situation.

However, judging from the existing technological level, there are still certain areas to be improved for the Internet of Things.

For example, the dilemma enterprises will face is a flood of big data from all the connected objects and equipment, which will be huge and enormous. How to develop a perfect data management mode?

So, what enterprise managers need to do more is to closely monitor and analyze vast data, as well as to make decisions on improvement of enterprise policies.

At any rate, the data of Internet of Things will form a kind of trend at different levels and will gradually become an important factor of market competition. By then, those entering the market first will have dominance.

To welcome the upcoming Internet of Things era, bearing enterprises need transformation and upgrading, and promptly integrate themselves into the team of Internet Plus, thus making better preparations for adapting to the Internet of Things.

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