Looking back 2016, high-end equipment signalled a major breakthrough

If the equipment manufacturing industry is the backbone of the manufacturing sector and the pillar industry of the national economy, then the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is the main part of high-end manufacturing and is the core of the industrial chain. Therefore, to implement the strategy of a manufacturing power, we must attach great importance to the development of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate the structural adjustment of key industries, and strive to achieve major breakthroughs in a number of key areas.

The development of a number of highly iconic and driving high-end equipment made a major breakthrough in 2016 through the implementation of a number of innovative and industrial projects and major projects such as large-scale aircraft, aero engines and gas turbines, high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment and civil aircraft research, high-tech ship research and intelligent manufacturing in recent years.

Shouldering the mission, aviation equipment made great achievement

In December 25, 2016, the first C919 aircraft of COMAC is delivered to its Flight Test Center. So far C919 large passenger aircraft has complete most of the ground test, and will make its first flight early next year. C919 medium-sized aircraft with completely independent intellectual property rights is the landmark project for the building of an innovative country.

In addition, the test machine of China's large passenger aircraft engine has transferred from the initial design stage to the detailed design stage; after 14 years of efforts, China's first two ARJ21-700 new turbofan regional aircrafts developed comprehensively in accordance with international airworthiness safety standards have officially put into commercial operation, marking the large-scale civil aircraft has taken a solid first step in the "three-step" strategy.

AG600 large-scale fire fighting and rescue amphibious aircraft rolled off in July 2016, providing efficient aviation equipment for China's marine development, forest fire and emergency rescue; transport 12F light multi-purpose general aircraft obtained the airworthiness certificate issued by the US Federal Aviation Administration, and was qualified to enter the market of developed countries; China Aviation Engine Group Co., Ltd. was formally established, and the major project of aero-engine and aero-gas turbine was launched in a comprehensive way. The medium-sized multi-purpose helicopter straight 15/AC352 of new generation equipped with domestic turbo-16 engine achieved the first flight.

National Business Card - Rail Transit Equipment has Become a Pioneer in the Development

As a representative for China’s high-end equipment to "go out", rail transportation equipment products have gained strong support from national leaders including the Prime Minister Li Keqiang. “The locomotive is a representative for Chinese equipment to go out.” said Li Keqiang while inspecting CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd.

In 2016, China's standard EMU successfully completed the world's first 420 km/h intersection test, and carried out the passenger test; 160 km/h inter-city EMU completed the operation assessment and obtained the manufacturing license.

By 2025, China's rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry shall form a perfect innovation system with continuous innovation capability by fully implementing intelligent manufacturing models in the main areas with the main products reaching the international leading level, overseas business accounting for 40% and service business accounting for more than 20%. China will lead the international standard revision, build the world's leading modern rail transportation equipment industry system and occupy the global high-end industrial chain.

Improving the technical threshold and standardizing energy saving and the development of new energy automobile industry

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to change from a big country to a powerful country in automobile industry." In the China EV 100 Forum 2017 held on January 14, the Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei said, "Currently, China's new energy automotive industry has become a global leader in scale, and its technology level has been significantly improved, the industrial system has been basically established, and the corporate competitiveness has grown significantly."

Shengrui Transmission Corporation Ltd. and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics successfully developed the world's first front precursor 8-speed automatic transmission, and won the 2016 National Scientific and Technological Progress Award. The pure electric-driven new energy automotive products independently developed by BYD reached the international advanced level of technology, and the industry scale ranked the forefront in the world.

Miao Wei introduced that MIIT led the preparation of the Plan for the Long-term Development of the Automotive Industry for the top design in the future, putting forward the development direction, main objectives, key tasks and policy orientation in the next 10 years. In order to achieve the objectives of the Plan, China intends to do the following work: Improve the policy system, and strengthen the standard system construction; improve laws and regulations; increase R & D support; speed up the construction of the charging infrastructure; encourage international development; vigorously develop intelligent network vehicles.

Planning and managing the ocean with the concept of “equipment first”

The shipbuilding industry is a modern comprehensive and strategic industry for providing technical equipment to water transportation, marine resources development and national defense construction. It is an important part of the national development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry and the foundation and important support for China to implement the strategy of the marine power.

Since 2016, China's marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships have made great progress. China’s independently developed "Haidou" Unmanned Submersible dived to the record-breaking depth of 10,767 meters, and China became the third country with the capacity of developing a 10,000 - meter unmanned submarine following Japan and the United States; 21000TEU large container ship undertook bulk orders; the world's first polar module transport ship and the world's largest 100,000-ton semi-submersible transport ship were completed and delivered; China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and Fincantieri established a cruise company as a joint venture, marking that China's luxury cruise design and construction has taken a substantial pace.

To build a strong marine power, China must establish an independent and controllable system of equipment, and must master the independent research and development capabilities of high-end equipment such as marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships. Currently, China is vigorously promoting the development of the South China Sea and the construction of the Silk Road on the sea in the 21st century, bringing more urgent needs for the equipment related to sea infrastructure construction, resource development and space development, and also raising the higher requirement on the development of China's high-end marine equipment.

Energy cornerstone - Electric power equipment drives industrial development

The electric power equipment is the foundation to achieve the secure and stable supply of energy and the sustainable and healthy development of the national economy. In recent years, the electric power equipment represented by large-scale power generation equipment, special high-voltage power transmission equipment and smart grid equipment with independent intellectual property rights have reached the international leading level, including the following iconic major technical equipment and products:

In January 2016, the world's first million kilowatt ultra-supercritical secondary reheat coal-fired generating units were successfully put into production; the UHV transmission project Zhundong - Wannan ± 1100 kV HVDC project with the world's highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity (12 million kilowatts), the farthest transmission distance (3324 km) and the most advanced technical level is being constructed as planned with a completion rate of nearly 40%.

In addition, China has fully controlled the "clean emissions" transformation technology in the coal-fired power unit, and has transformed nearly 100 million kilowatts in the coal-fired power unit, accounting for one-tenth of coal and electricity installed capacity. The emission targets of the transformed unit reached the level of gas-fired units. The key complete equipment such as engineering switches and transformers have basically achieved autonomation.

The million-kilowatt ultra-supercritical thermal power unit, the million-kilowatt nuclear power unit and the hydropower unit, the megawatt-class UHV AC transmission equipment, and the million-ton ethylene plant key equipment have reached the international leading level.

Intelligent manufacturing - CNC machine tools and robots seize the commanding heights

"Made in China 2025" listed CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment as "the fields of strategic battle to accelerate the breakthrough".

In 2016, a large number of China's new products such as high-speed/high-efficiency/high-precision, multi-coordinate/composite/intelligent, large-scale/large-tonnage/large-size CNC machine tools have entered the key application fields, including high-precision CNC gear grinding machines, high precision/high-efficiency/composite CNC grinding machines, multi-axis control/precision heavy machine tools, and CNC stamping production lines among the world's advanced ranks, not only providing equipment protection to the development of the four users in aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile and power generation equipment manufacturing, but also boosting the machine industry to develop towards high-end.

For example, the large-scale automatic stamping equipment of JIER not only provided more than 70 stamping lines to domestic auto companies, but also successfully exported nine production lines to Ford Motors in the United States; Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd made a one-time purchase of 14 high-speed five-axis machining centers from Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd (SMTCL) in the technical transformation of batch production of the machine tool of the fourth generation; 32-beam composite material automatic placement machine was successfully put into use in the aerospace large composite components; the main performance indicators of the high-temperature alloy aero engine blade five-axis linkage processing center reached the international advanced level.

Meanwhile multi-channel, multi-axis linkage high-performance CNC system products broke the monopoly of foreign technologies with the main technical indicators basically reaching the international mainstream high-end CNC system level, supporting a variety of high-speed, precision CNC machine tools. The high-end CNC system achieved a small-batch application in the key military enterprises. More than 30 domestic CNC system supporting machine tools have been put into production and use in AVIC.

As an important component of intelligent manufacturing equipment, robots ushered in their strategic development opportunities. Siasun successfully developed the first flexible multi-joint robot, the arm collaborative robot, and CITIC Heavy Industry’s explosion-proof fire extinguishing robot.

What people want - Urgent need to accelerate high-end medical equipment

“Made in China 2025” also identified biomedical and high-performance medical devices as one of the top ten areas of development.

On November 15, 2016, the first self-developed international-leading 112-ring full digital photoconductive PET-CT entered the top three hospitals for clinical use. The 112-ring digital photoconductive positron emission computed tomography (PET-CT), the dynamic multi-pole 3.0T magnetic resonance system, and the real-time multi-dimensional holographic electronic computer tomography (mrCT) independently developed by Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare (UIH) are the first of their kinds in China. The technology of the orthopedic surgery robot has reached the international advanced level. The flat panel detector, a core component of the imaging equipment has achieved localization.

On May 30, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the National Conference on Science and Technology Innovation, the General Assembly of the Academicians and the 9th National Congress of China Association for Science and Technology that high-end medical equipment mainly relied on imports, which was one of the main reasons for the expensive medical service. Develop China's high-end medical equipment and enhance the Chinese brand. Gradually getting rid of the situation that high-end medical equipment depends on the import is the obligation of "Made in China 2025".

Food security should be protected by advanced agricultural equipment

Agricultural machinery and equipment are indispensable tools to improve the efficiency of agricultural production, realize the effective use of resources and promote the sustainable development of agriculture. They play an important role in safeguarding national food security, improving agricultural production and efficiency, changing ways of increasing farmers' income and pushing forward the rural development.

In 2016, China's 260 hp stepless tractors and 10 kg/s feed grain combined harvesters were put on the market. The harvest machinery of cash crops such as cotton, tomato, sugar cane, peanuts and beets filled the domestic gap.

As one of the top ten areas of development of "Made in China 2025", the agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing industry will promote the in-depth integration of digital, intelligent technologies and agricultural equipment by aiming at technical problems of high-end agricultural equipment in terms of high safety, high reliability and high adaptability to improve the capabilities of information collection, intelligent decision-making and precision operations of agricultural products and to enhance the level of modern agricultural production with the achievement of agricultural production automation, intelligence and specialization as the goal and using the development of advanced and applicable and highly efficient low-emission, low-pollution, energy- efficiency environment-friendly agricultural products as the carrier while being committed to improving the whole-process solutions with multi-directional support for agricultural-production-based operations, services and information, and speeding up the upgrading of agricultural equipment industry, and striving to make China become the agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing power.

General Secretary Xi Jinping said, "Technology is a country's weapon, and is what a country depends on to be strong, an enterprise relies on to win and the people's life depends on to be good. There must be strong science and technology for China to become strong and the Chinese people to live better." Based on the current situation, a number of major areas and projects in China have reached the international advanced level, and the innovative development of China's high-end equipment recently announced by MIIT have achieved a number of landmark results. Looking to the future, China's equipment manufacturing needs to rise to the high-end as a whole, and form a good social atmosphere with results demonstration driven by people in the country so as to boost China to change from a manufacturing giant to a manufacturing power.


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