2017Conference & Seminar & Onsite Event Program

 Day  Time  Venue  Topics
 31st October  9:30-16:00  Hall E5, Booth F5 2017 China International Automotive Transmission and high efficiency transmission technology seminar
 31st October  10:00-12:30  Hall N4, Booth G4  Construction Machinery Supply & Demand Meeting of Exchange and Alliance Provincial Development Forum 
 31st October
 - 2nd November
  9:30-17:00  Hall E4, Booth F4 PTC ASIA 2017 Cutting-Edge Technology Seminar
 31st October  13:00-15:30  Hall N2, Booth F1 Heavy Machinery Promotion Conference
 1st November  10:00-16:00  Hall E5, Booth F5 Smart Manufacturing Forum Powered by VDMA
 1st November  10:00-12:00  Meeting Room N5
 China Petrochemical Equipment Summit Forum 2017
 1st November  10:00-11:30  Hall N2, Booth F1  Heavy Machinery Promotion Conference
 1st November  13:30-16:00  Meeting Room N5
 China Fastener Summit Forum and "Chinese strategic emerging industry research and development ▪ Fasteners"  First Issuing Ceremony
 1st November  9:30-16:00  Meeting Room E4
 New Development of Science, Technology and Engineering-Application on Hydraulic Pipeline Systems and Accessories
 1st - 2nd November  10:00-16:00  Meeting Room E4
 Hydrostatic Engineering Forum
 2nd November  9:30-16:00  Hall E5, Booth F5 The New Hydraulic Technology in Shipbuilding and Offshore Marine Industry  Seminar
 2nd November  9:30 -16:00  Hall N4, Booth G4 6th Gear Reducer Technology Innovation & Application Conference
 2nd November  9:30-16:00  Hall E7, Booth J1  Overseas Buyers Sourcing Event
 1st November  10:00-16:00  Hall E7, Booth J1 FSC Industrial Parts Sourcing Conference 2017
 2nd November  10:30 - 11:30  Meeting Room E3-M22  HANNOVER MESSE 2017 Press Conference
 3rd November  9:30-14:00  Hall E5, Booth F5 The New Technologies in Shipbuilding and  Offshore Marine Industry  Forum


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