Display Category

1.1 Gears for cars and motorcycles
1.2 Gears for construction machinery
1.3 Gears for agricultural machinery
1.4 Gears for aircraft, shipbuilding, railway and metallurgy
1.5 High-speed and heavy-duty gear boxes
1.6 Cylinder gear reducers
1.7 Planetary gear reducers
1.8 Epicyclic reducers
1.9 Worm reducer
1.10 Electric drive-reducer sets
1.11 Lubricating oil


Chain Transmission
2.1 Conveyor short pitch precision roller  chains
2.2 Conveyor and transmission duplex pitch roller chains
2.3 Heavy transmission duplex pitch roller chains
2.4 Tooth chains
2.5 Plate (leaf) chains
2.6 Special and non-standard transmission chains
2.7 Sprocket-wheels 


Belt transmission
3.1 Timing belts
3.2 V-belts
3.3 Flat belts
3.4 Ribbed Belts
3.5 Variable speed belt drives
3.6 Pulleys
3.7 Belt tensioners




Couplings and brakes
4.1 Couplings (rigid, flexible, safe)
4.2 Universal joints
4.3 Universal shafts
4.4 Cam Mechanisms for the Intermittent Motion
4.5 Fluid coupling, fluid torque
4.6 Clutches (electromagnetic, friction, magnetic particle)
4.7 Brakes and brake systems
4.8 Locking assemblies, taper bush, tapered adapters, withdrawal adapters


Electrical power transmission
5.1 Industrial motors of normal type,
5.2 Industrial motors of special type
5.3 servomotors
5.4 Small motors for general application (up to 750W)
5.5 Small motors for special design (up to 750W)                                                                             
5.6 Frequency converters

5.7 Electrical drive control systems
5.8 Speed-regulated electric drives
5.9 Electromagnetic equipment, magnetics
5.10Accessories and components for electric motors

6.1 Metal powders
6.2 Parts
6.3 Sintered metal powder filters
6.4 Sintered friction materials
6.5 Electric contact materials
6.6 Diamond tools and cemented carbide
6.7 Magnetic materials
6.8 Bi-metal materials and products





Various equipments and measuring instruments
7.1 Pressing machines, cold upsetting machines, heading and rolling machine
7.2 Gear processing equipment (hobbing machine, shaving machine, shaping machine, honing machine grinding machine, chamfering machine and CNC)
7.3 Machine tool & measure center for gear box
7.4 Tools and dies
7.5 Heat-treating furnace
7.6 Specialized manufacturing equipment and assembly machines for chains
7.7 Specialized manufacturing equipments for semi finished gear products
7.8 Testing and measuring instruments for chains, gears and fasteners etc.



As an important part of PTC ASIA, PTC ASIA - MTPE, the International Exhibition for Mechanical Transmission, Parts and Equipment is the ideal gathering place for companies from industries as Gears, Chain Transmission, Belt Transmission, Couplings, Brakes, Electrical Power Transmission, Fasteners, Springs and Powder Metallurgy.


PTC ASIA 2011 – MTPE, jointly organized by Deutsche Messe, Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. and China General Machine Components Industry Association, is expected to attract more than 550 exhibitors, and the exhibition area will reach 25,000 square meters.


Important Exhibitors in previous events

Mechanical, Electronical Transmission And Parts
Siemens, Sumitomo, Bonfiglioli, SEW, SITI, TEXTRON, David Brown, Rossi, Nord, Nissei, Lenze, WEG, Oriental, Samyang, Rexnord, Baldor, Watt, Sigma-Giken, Tsubaki Emerson, Wulf, Renold, Tsubaki, DongBo, Optibelt, Conitech, Nitta, Hutchinson, Gates, Megadyne, Veyance, MBL, Barbieri, KTR, Tecmen, RINGSPANN, NBK, Raybestos, R+W, SIT, ETP, CENTA, Mayr, Ejot, ND, Oetiker, Oxford, SACMA, National Machinery, Nylok, Baumann, Mubea, Gala, China Spring, Luoyang Machine Tool, Universal, Haixu, Qianjiang Spring, Jinyuanfa, Simco, Oriimec, DMC, KOS etc.


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